Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Q & A Concerning Dale's African Adventure

While Dale is traveling in Kenya and having a mighty fine time, the boys and I are holding down the homefront.  In response to the numerous questions we have received, a decision was made to respond to those questions here.  Questions have been selected randomly from the question box located on my desk.

Q.  Tell everyone how your handsome sons are taking care of you while Dad is gone.
A.  First, that wasn't a question.  Second, I think, though I'm not certain, this one may have come from one of my handsome sons.  Regardless, my handsome sons are taking great care of me by letting me know how needed I am to do laundry, make dinner (or provide funds for dinner), get them out the door in the morning, etc.  Whew!  I sure am glad I'm not here alone!  :-)

Q.  Are you afraid while Dale is gone?
A.  Hmm.  Not certain what there is to be afraid of.  My two big dogs will not let anyone enter the house.  My very big God is always looking out for me.  A certain hunter is letting us babysit his favorite shotgun.  Three strong (and handsome) men are making sure I'm doing okay.  In fact, two of those men have even offered to stay home from school during the day just to keep me company.  Can you believe how sacrificial they are?  Seriously, there are many, many people, plus God, looking out for us.  We're fine.
Q.  Um, what exactly is Dale doing in Kenya?
A.  Well, that's a great question.  Dale works for Helix Architecture + Design, a company of innovative and skillful people who are passionate about sustainability and meeting people's needs.  David, a high school and college friend of Dale's, has a non-profit organization, Affecting Change International, and is deeply committed to meeting basic human needs throughout the world.  Together, they are working on re-purposing out-of-use shipping containers to house self-contained village centers to be used in remote and/or impoverished locations.  Education, medical attention, communication, clean water, sanitation--these are basic human needs that, when met, can change people's lives.  If you can change people's lives in one village, you can change the world.

For better, more professional descriptions of what is going on, check out these two websites:

http://www.helixkc.com/   The anticipated blog posts from Dale may have to wait until he gets back as he is having difficulty with wifi connectivity.  However, if you want to take a gander at some of the other great projects and great people associated with Helix, take a look.  (Be sure to check out the PEOPLE section to locate my favorite architect.)

http://www.affectingchange.org/  Here you can see some of the work ACI has already done as well as what their plans are for the future.  Check out the media section where you can find pictures of the presentation materials Dale and David used when addressing the InfoPoverty World Conference at the UN in March.  Plus, the model concepts and pictures are just plain cool.

Q. Is Dad bringing back gifts?
A.  I'm beginning to see that the question box has been used for personal gain.  However, the answer to that question is that Dad coming back home safely will be a wonderful gift.  If he happens to bring me a walking stick and some great fabric, that's just a bonus.  By the way, Spencer, I'm not certain he will be able to clear customs with the lion you requested.  You may have to settle for a hat.

Q.  Can a guy from the Mid-west really change the world?
A.  Absolutely.  He certainly changed mine.